What is the Food Circle?

The Food Circle® Manifesto

People the world over have celebrated for millennia together in circle around campfires and conference tables... and good food.

All natural systems and phenomena function as closed cycles or circles, carefully preserving energy, resources, nutrients and the integrity of the whole. Today, sadly, we've lost that connection.

Our inner and outer ecologies are out of whack, out of alignment. Our food system, our way of life, is unsustainable.

We crave love and connection, but are squared off and isolated, masked, socially-distanced, texting and zooming each other across miles and 6-foot tables, mail ordering our food, attempting to communicate with each other through our electronic cubicles. We crave support and community.

(Love, like the Beatles said, is All You Need.)

"Food is the vehicle with the most potential for personal and planetary transformation"

Little did I know when colleague David Yarrow and I first evolved this phrase, while we were co-organizing 'Closing The Food Circle', New York State's first organic conference in 1984, that the very first Circle-Of-Three would be "Me, Myself and I". Yet, as I have long known, this is not the work of a moment, or a single visionary.

"Everything circles in season and bears fruit in its time." Anonymous.

And also true, "There is nothing more powerful than all the armies in the world than an idea whose time has come."
Victor Hugo.

I believe that ultimately ~ and it's already starting to happen ~ science and technology will verify the validity and truth of these natural, universal truths.

It's with delight and gratitude that we are beginning to see and realize, despite appearances, what the microbiome is revealing, proving and verifying for all of us.

Everything is Connected.

Yet, it's through synchrony, synchronicity and cooperation, through love, acceptance and heart, through humility and humus, through our three brains - head, gut and heart, not just thinking and doing and 'having it our own way' that we will find our way together. And find the real nourishment we crave.

Yet as Fran Liebowitz has shared
"Food is One Part of a Balanced Diet."

"When man and microorganisms merged, in the culturing and transformation of novel foods, a new more complex kind of relationship sprang forth; the birth of new community. The lessons of this merger are ones we need to remember and respect in order to continue to grow and survive on this planet. Not just alone or in usury as a dominant "superior" species, but in humility, harmony and cooperation with the community of all life."
Nancy Lee Bentley, Truly Cultured.

Join with us now and let's start working and cooperating together where we are, as we can, in The Food Circle.
And, as my farmer Dad would say, "Let's Get A ROUND TO IT!"

I am a Circle. I am Healing You.
You are a Circle. You are Healing Me.
Together We Are One. Together We ARE One.
~ Native American

One in the Work,
Nancy Lee Bentley
Visionary Birthmother & Steward
The Food Circle®

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