Trying to Eat Healthier? You're Not Alone

But Why does it Seem SO HARD?

Too Busy? Too Expensive? Need Ideas?
Don't like Vegetables? Can't Resist Sweets? Hate Diets?
Convinced 'Healthy Food' Can't Taste Good?

Meet our Founder, Nancy Lee Bentley!

We're All About Healthier Food Choices

Food does more than just fill us up. It can Help Us FEEL and BE Healthier. It can bring us Together.

So let's enjoy some delicious, healthy food together.
And get healthier in the process.

The Food Circle, LLC is your source for healthier local private chef services and education in Kalamazoo and SW Michigan. We're committed to serving you with healthier, whole food choices.

We know how to make healthy food taste delicious and can bring it to you or
show you how to create it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Our talented, experienced chef and nutritionist, Nancy Lee Bentley, is a Soup-to-Nuts Food Pro committed to serving you your way.

At Your Place: Let this Private Chef prepare you a sumptuous Celebration Meal
On Your Schedule: Let her share Favorite Tips & Shortcuts. Sign up for Email news.
At Your Own Pace: Enjoy and Learn directly from Nancy in her Online Courses or
In-person Healthy Cooking Classes (NB: links)

Want to Connect with Nancy first?
Use the Let's Talk! app Or Email her at
Or Call Nancy at 269.359.1717

Enjoy Healthy Sweet Treats Guilt-Free in Kalamazoo, MI

Food does more than fill you up. It brings people together. You can use food to celebrate and sympathize, share and keep. The Food Circle, LLC is your source for local chef services in Kalamazoo, MI. We make healthy holiday treats and sweets for all occasions. Plus, our chef teaches cooking courses online and in-person. Our goal is to create a community around healthy food.

Ready to prepare some healthy goodies? You can impress your guests with our organic sweet treats. You can choose from small and large gift boxes, as well as party trays. Maybe you need vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free options. We've got you covered. Every sweet is sure to impress. Call 269-359-1717 now to place an order for healthy sweet treats.

We're committed to creating and offering healthier food choices.

Our healthier, local private chef cooking and educational services are created and delivered to you by The Food Circle's top-rated, chef and nutritionist, Nancy Lee Bentley and her team. With over 40 years of dedication and experience, Nancy Lee Bentley knows the ins and outs, ups and downs of cooking with healthier, whole, organic and natural food ingredients, especially and whenever possible from local farmers and producers. Even when you need gluten-free or dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan, or have other dietary restrictions.