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Are you trying to Eat Healthier, but Struggle with Starting and Sticking With It?

Let The Food Circle Help You!



We've got a Powerful Circle-Of-Three Ways:

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Meet our Founder, Nancy Lee Bentley!

Chef and Nutritionist, Nancy Lee Bentley 'That Gutsy Lady' can:

• Bring delicious, healthy meals and goodies right to your home
• Teach you tips and tricks of incorporating healthier eating into your everyday and party meals
• Show you how to 'Jumpstart & Stick with Your Healthy Eating' in one of her online or on location courses

Want to Connect with Nancy first?
Email her at ThatGutsyLady@gmail.com
Or Call Nancy at 269.359.1717

We're All About Healthier Food Choices.

Our view is that Food can certainly do a lot more than just fill us up.
It can Be Delicious AND Help Us FEEL Healthier.
It can be Enjoyable, Help Us to BE Healthier, and Bring Us Together, too.

We're committed to You
Experiencing This Yourself.

So, Let's "Get A Round To It," enjoy some delicious, nourishing food ~ Together ~
and Get Healthier in the process. At The Food Circle, we're committed to
helping you get started and stay on your healthy eating journey.

Who and What is The Food Circle?

Read more in our Manifesto

Our services are designed and delivered to you by top-rated, chef and nutritionist, Nancy Lee Bentley and her team. With over 40 years dedication and experience, Nancy Lee Bentley knows the ins and outs, ups and downs of cooking with fresh, whole, organic and natural food ingredients, especially from local farmers and producers. And even when you need gluten-free or dairy-free, are vegan or vegetarian, or have other dietary restrictions.

But How Can The Food Circle Help Me?

The Food Circle, LLC is about creating community around food. We provide self-paced online and on-site classes, tips, recipes & how-to's for a quick start on healthy eating, as well as private, personal chef services.

You won't get healthier by taking a magic pill. There are none. BUT, You CAN Eat, Feel and Be Healthier. Do You Really Have the GUTS to Be Healthy? Whether you say YES or NO, you're undoubtedly Right. It all begins with making the decision. And then acting on it. It's a process. We can help inspire and show you the way.. and how to get there.... But, What Do YOU Want?

The encouraging part? It doesn't have to be hard. And You don't have to do it alone. We can Help Support, Inspire and Educate you with great tips and time-saving food ideas. And help you over the hump. Deliciously. Because Our motto is: