About Nancy

Nancy Lee Bentley

Nancy Lee Bentley helps busy, mature, conscious women with gut checks, shortcuts and long haul strategies for eating, feeling and being healthier; so they can heal their gut, have more energy and resilience, and ultimately be both healthier, happier and more fulfilled.. REMEMBERing Themselves and WHO THEY ARE!!

Nancy Lee Bentley aka 'That Gutsy Lady,' is a Soup-to-Nuts Food Pro. A top-rated, local Healthy Private Chef, Food & Wholistic Health Expert, Speaker, Author and Mentor / Coach. Visionary Founder of The Food Circle®, she is a Grandmother of the Organic Movement, a champion ambassador for healthy food and sustainable community who has been sowing the seeds of personal and planetary health, , what she calls the
"Soil-to-Spirit Bridge" for over 40 years.

Some of Nancy's accomplishments:

  • Celebrity Expert whose wit and wisdom shines through her media appearances on ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN and FOX, as conference keynote speaker and guest expert on numerous podcasts and radio shows, interviewed on a full spectrum of healthy food, gut & holistic health, nutrition and wellness topics.
  • Author, Dr. Mercola's TOTAL HEALTH Program with NY Times Best Selling, Dr. Joseph Mercola; Author & Publisher of her own 'opus,' now evergreen cookbook & nourishment guide, Truly Cultured: Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community with Naturally Fermented Foods; and Woodstock Window on Food & Health Activity & Coloring Book, among many other articles and features in trade and consumer publications, portals and websites, including featured expert on SelfGrowth.com and YourTango.com
  • Celebrity food support, including developing wheat-free recipes for Cher, baking Prince's purple-flowered birthday cake, catering for Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher, and introducing organic specialty produce to World Class chef, Charley Trotter.
  • Founding organizer / member, The Organic Trade Association; 1st Consultant / development team for QAI and OCIA Organic Certification Programs; Founding Member, Organic Farming Research Foundation.
  • Organizer / Consultant for many sustainable community initiatives from farm-to-chef projects, food coops & buying clubs, local / regional food networks, value-added products and holistic health centers to healthy food service conversions, healthy private chef, catering and conference/retreat accommodations and consults.
*With Kudos and honors from Earl Nightingale, The USDA, 2000 Notable American Women, a two-time Woodstock attendee, as well as for being one of the first 15 national Project Messengers.

For more assistance with your own healthy food ~ treats, private party, cooking class or personal food and health journey ~ contact Nancy Lee Bentley at (269) 359-1717, visit NancyLeeBentley.com or email her at ThatGutsyLady@gmail.com