Healthy Personal / Private Chef Offerings

Want to experience delicious, healthy eating for yourself?

Yes, as you heard if you watched Nancy Lee's little intro video, she's done just about everything you can do with food.

But while this still energetic, two-time Woodstock attendee and Grandmother of the Organic Movement remains dedicated to spreading the word about eating, feeling and being healthier, She knows that the 'proof of the pudding' is in the tasting.

So that's why, for a limited time, she's still 'doing her thing' as a healthy personal/ private chef, inspiring and delighting lucky guests with a selected number of intimate dinners and cooking class parties ~ e.g. bachelorette, birthday and anniversary, rehearsal and weekend girls' retreat dinners in SW Michigan ~ often at well-apportioned B 'n B's on the west side of this beautiful lake. (Though she's been known to create these types of celebrations in more remote locations)
Along with writing her legacy book and leveraging her experience and wisdom producing a series of online & onsite "Jumpstart and Stick with It" and "GUTS to Be" Healthy Eating Classes and Courses...

Nancy Lee Bentley, Food & Wholistic Health Expert is

A Top-rated Personal / Private Chef, Nutrition Pro, Cookbook and Nourishment Guide Author in SW Michigan emphasizing:

  • Gourmet Healthy, Organic and Whole, Natural, and Local Food
  • Creative and Eclectic International and Fusion Cuisines
  • Special Dietary Concerns, including Gluten & Dairy-free. low carb/keto/paleo, vegan and vegetarian, other special diet fare
  • Smaller, intimate gatherings, 2-25, special events, birthdays &
  • Chef Demos, Speaking Engagements, Product Samplings, Online & Onsite (Hands-On) Cooking Classes, Online Courses
  • Healthy, Yes. But ALWAYS Delicious!

Nancy's Custom Approach

Because she handles so many unique requests, she works on a custom basis with each client.

  1. Phone call. That starts with a phone consultation, so she can hone in on what you're envisioning and the specifics of what you're looking for in your special meal.
  2. Menu plan. Then with this in mind, Nancy creates a menu and a plan for a very special meal everyone will enjoy. (Which might also include some of her, always popular, signature items.)
  3. Proposal. This becomes a proposal, including menu and pricing, that can then become our written agreement. Because she travels from Kalamazoo, MI she normally charges a $50 travel fee.
  4. Deposit. Once agreed, a 40% deposit, usually handled by Venmo or Paypal, reserves the date. Balance of final payment is invoiced after, handled through Venmo or Paypal, as preferred.
  5. The Event. Nancy acquires, brings and prepares all the food and serving dishes, other items as agreed. Service is usually presented in a beautifully arranged and decorated three-course buffet (appetizers, entrée, dessert). Beverages are usually, but not exclusively furnished by the client.
  6. Other Options. Other alternatives are possible, upon agreement, including additional servers, rental dishes, even a prepared breakfast/brunch entrée ready to be popped in the oven for the next morning brunch.

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